Why doesn’t Toyota produce or sell motorcycles?


Unlike many prominent automobile manufacturers such as Suzuki, BMW, and Honda, Toyota has chosen not to venture into the production of motorcycles. Instead, the company, known for its reliable vehicles, has focused its efforts on the development of automobiles. This article will explore the reasons behind Toyota’s decision to abstain from manufacturing motorcycles. Let’s delve into why Toyota doesn’t produce bikes.

The process of manufacturing motorcycles differs significantly from that of cars. When examining Toyota in comparison to Honda and Suzuki, it becomes evident that Honda and Suzuki initially ventured into the production of various small vehicles and machines before entering the car industry. On the other hand, Toyota commenced its journey by focusing on car manufacturing from the outset.

It’s worth noting that major automotive companies like VW, GM, Ford, Chrysler, and Mercedes have not historically delved into the production of motorcycles. Nevertheless, recent developments show that VW and Mercedes have made investments in relatively smaller Italian motorcycle companies.

Key Takeaway

  • Toyota primarily focuses on the sale of automobiles and has no plans to shift its core business towards motorcycles.
  • The production processes and tools needed for automobiles and motorcycles are distinct, necessitating Toyota to initiate operations from scratch for motorcycles.
  • Entering the motorcycle industry would mean facing stiff competition, as Toyota would need to compete with well-established brands such as Harley Davidson and Honda.

Reasons Why Toyota Doesn’t Make Motorcycles

Safeguarding its Reputation

Any executive is well aware that Toyota stands out globally due to its exceptional production system. Toyota’s unconventional approach results in the creation of top-tier automobiles worldwide. While there might be a temptation to venture into motorcycles, the risk lies in producing an inferior product compared to rivals like Suzuki, Honda, and BMW. Such a move could potentially damage Toyota’s brand image, providing competitors with a significant advantage. Therefore, if Toyota were to enter the motorcycle market, the standard would have to be nothing short of excellent—a formidable challenge in itself.

Toyota is actively engaged in diverse and effective operations.

The company has directed its focus towards projects that surpass the appeal of motorcycles. While motorcycles are known for their affordability and reliability, Toyota is exploring alternative avenues. Notable examples include:

  1. EzoicToyota’s Ezoic is a C+ Scooter designed specifically for individuals with limited mobility. This electric three-wheeled vehicle incorporates security features like obstacle detection. Originally intended for older individuals commuting to larger facilities such as airports, it has received approval for use on Japanese roads. The electric scooter was officially launched in October 2021, catering to various activities.
  2. Toyota i-Road CarIntroduced in 2013, this electric model is tailored for city driving with the primary goal of alleviating congestion in urban areas. Described as a hybrid of a motorcycle, a car, and a golf cart, it underwent testing in Tokyo and San Francisco. If released, this innovative vehicle could render traditional motorcycles unnecessary for Toyota.
  3. SEMA Motocross BikeIn 2009, Toyota unveiled a project at the SEMA show based on the Yamaha YZ450F. Through customization involving additional details and fixtures from various contributors, Toyota achieved significant success with this modified motocross bike.

Dominance in the Japanese Automotive Sector

Toyota has emerged as a leader in the car industry, not only within Japan but on a global scale. With sales surpassing 1 million vehicles in 2021, the company’s focus on automobiles is evident. The decision to refrain from entering the motorcycle market is rooted in their commitment to delivering top-notch cars. Diversifying into motorcycles would require undivided attention, potentially impacting their overall performance.

Damaged Reputation

When Toyota introduced its line of motorcycles, it initially marked a significant accomplishment, producing over 10,000 units annually. However, Toyo Motors made a critical error in the assembly process. Numerous customers began raising concerns about quality control issues, leading to a decline in sales. This negatively impacted Toyota’s overall reputation. The experience may dissuade them from considering motorcycle production in the future.

Toyota and Yamaha Collaboration

Toyota frequently collaborates with Yamaha for their high-performance engines and vehicles. This partnership has recently deepened, as Toyota has acquired a stake in Yamaha. If Toyota were to enter the motorcycle market, it would create competition with their own investment in Yamaha.

Will Toyota ever make motorcycles?

The possibility of Toyota entering the motorcycle market in the near future remains uncertain. Based on our research, there is currently no indication that the company is considering such a move. If they were inclined to do so, it is likely they would have introduced a motorcycle rather than the I-ROAD car. However, it’s important to note that surprises can happen, and Toyota might eventually introduce a motorcycle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn’t Toyo Motorcycles produce motorcycles?

Toyo Motors, established under the Toyota name, is concerned that venturing into motorcycle production may risk its reputation if the endeavor is not successful.

Are motorcycles made by Toyo Motors reliable?

Toyo Motors, operating under the Toyota brand, had successful engines for a period. In 1952, approximately 10,000 motorcycles were produced annually, as reported by Ride Apart. However, these motorcycles were not Toyota models.

Do Toyota motorbikes exist?

Toyota Motor Corporation is a global leader in the automotive industry, offering a diverse range of products. Despite this, bicycles are a type of vehicle rarely seen in the Toyota factory.

Which automakers have never produced motorcycles?

Notably, VW, GM, Ford, Chrysler, and Mercedes have never manufactured motorcycles. Recently, VW and Mercedes have made relatively minor investments in Italian motorcycle producers.


Toyota stands as a well-respected name in the Japanese automotive manufacturing sector, celebrated for crafting sturdy and trustworthy car models. Many admirers of Toyota have contemplated the prospect of adding a Toyota motorcycle to their collection. While such a bike from Toyota would likely boast ruggedness and dependability, it appears that the company has no immediate plans to venture into motorcycle production. If you’re in the market for a reliable motorcycle, alternative options such as Honda, Suzuki, or Yamaha, all renowned Japanese manufacturers, offer viable choices.

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