Scoop on Fast N’ Loud: What Really Happened?

Scoop on Fast N Loud What Really Happened

Fast N’ Loud, a hit TV show on the Discovery Channel, followed Richard Rawlings and his crew from Gas Monkey Garage in Dallas, Texas. They scoured for old, beat-up cars, fixed them up, and flipped them for profit. The show gained popularity, even spawning spin-offs like Misfit Garage and Fast N’ Loud: Demolition Theater, where they shared their thoughts on clips. Rawlings and his buddy Aaron Kaufman also entered a bike-building competition against other big names, snagging second place. Pilgrim Studios was behind the production, and seasons 15 and 16 aired in 2019 and 2020. However, in December 2020, Rawlings revealed on The Joe Rogan Experience that the show had come to an end.

Story Behind Fast N’ Loud

Fast N’ Loud has had its fair share of drama both on and off the screen, leading to enough firings to spawn a spin-off series! When it first aired in 2012, nobody could’ve guessed how big it would become. This reality TV show follows a group of car lovers who come together to fix up and customize cars. While other shows like Overhaulin’ and Pimp My Ride hinted at the popularity of car content, Fast N’ Loud gained fame for its wild classic car builds and the drama among its crew at Gas Monkey Garage, whether real or made up.

Richard Rawlings, the main guy/host in the show, is a successful businessman who’s crazy about cars. In the earlier seasons, Richard and Aaron Kaufman, the head mechanic at Gas Monkey Garage, went all over the country hunting for old, beat-up cars. Their mission? To fix them up and sell them for a nice profit. But turning those old cars into gems wasn’t easy. It took a ton of hard work from the mechanics at Gas Monkey Garage to make each car special. Behind the scenes of reality TV, there’s always more going on than what you see on screen.

Both on and off the screen, Rawlings often found himself surrounded by controversy. Over the course of the show, he frequently clashed with members of his staff, and whenever an employee had a disagreement with Rawlings, they tended to leave the garage shortly afterward. This scenario played out multiple times throughout the show’s history.

Dream Team Disintegration: The Inside Story

You know, on “Fast N’ Loud,” it wasn’t just Richard Rawlings running the show. Aaron Kaufman, the mechanical whiz from Gas Monkey Garage, was right there with him. But in a March 2017 episode, Kaufman dropped a bombshell: he was leaving. He made the announcement after taking a break, saying, “My vacation from Gas Monkey is going to be a permanent one.” Kaufman had been feeling the pressure of TV and the rush to get things done fast. He wanted to work on bigger, more intricate car projects, but the show needed quick turnarounds. This led to some disagreements and personal issues. So, in 2018, Kaufman started his own show, “Shifting Gears With Aaron Kaufman,” where he could focus on those elaborate builds he loved. With Kaufman gone, the dynamic duo of “Fast N’ Loud” just wasn’t the same anymore.

Richard Rawlings Speaks Out: The Joe Rogan Interview

In December 2016, Rawlings posted on the Gas Monkey Garage blog, sharing his feelings about Aaron’s departure. He admitted it would be tough to go on without Aaron’s skills, but he didn’t talk about the disagreements they had, maybe because he wanted to keep things drama-free, especially when the cameras were rolling.

But then, when Rawlings talked on The Joe Rogan Experience #1578, he spilled the beans about why “Fast N’ Loud” was ending. He explained that after a tough year in 2020, he decided it was time to move on. He mentioned leaving Discovery and feeling like a free agent. Rawlings talked about how his contract with Discovery was pretty strict, limiting what he could do, even on social media. He said he couldn’t even post a photo of a new car without getting the okay from Discovery first. It seems like he was ready for a change and more control over his own stuff.

What Lies Ahead: Gas Monkey Garage’s Destiny

Back then, Rawlings talked about his future plans. He wanted to start an automotive podcast because no one else was doing it back then. Social media wasn’t as big in 2012, but Rawlings knew it was becoming important. He remembered a story from Rogan about controlling your social media. But Rawlings couldn’t post much because he was only working with Discovery. He couldn’t say bad things about them either, or he’d have to pay a big fine. Despite these challenges, Gas Monkey Garage is still going strong. Their YouTube channel is doing great, and Rawlings is hiring more people to join his team.

Richard Rawlings: Overcoming Everything

Rawlings felt like he was in a rut during his time at the channel. He was concerned about a hefty $25,000 fine looming over him if he criticized the show upon his departure. Despite his frustrations, he genuinely liked the Discovery Channel. He and his team were eager to jazz up the automotive programming, but encountered obstacles along the way. This struggle left Rawlings feeling stuck. Nevertheless, they managed to create a wildly successful show for Discovery.

Rawlings Revs Up: A New Chapter

Switching from Discovery to focusing more on YouTube and various car projects was a big change for Rawlings. But he seems to love the freedom it brings. Dealing with Discovery could be frustrating at times, like waiting five years for a crossover with Chip Foose.

These days, Rawlings is still super busy. Recently, he surprised everyone by starting to sell his Gas Monkey classic car collection. Why? To get better and different cars, ones he’s always wanted. He sold 28 cars, raking in over $1,000,000. That means Gas Monkey Garage and Rawlings have plenty of cash to hunt down new cars to fix up and show off. Even though Fast N’ Loud is done, the Gas Monkey spirit lives on, and that’s what really matters to fans.

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