Where Can You Stream Iron Resurrection? Find Out Here!

iron resurrection season 7

Great news for fans of Iron Resurrection! Amanda Martin, the main star of the show, shared on her Instagram that filming for Season 7 is nearly done. The release date will follow shortly after all episodes are complete. Rest assured, Season 7 of Iron Resurrection is definitely on its way!

You can watch Iron Resurrection on Discovery+.


Iron Resurrection Season 7 Cast

In the cast and crew of Iron Resurrection, Amanda Martin and her husband, Joe Martin, are returning, which you probably already knew. Besides them, you’ll also see the great work of Jayson ‘Shag’ Arrington.

Michael Zabonik is also returning to the new show, showcasing his impressive welding skills.

You may already know that two beloved cast members, Pompa and Cato, have left the show. Pompa is enjoying time with his family, while Cato is working in his own garage.

Another well-known person from Iron Resurrection who left the show is Shorty. But don’t worry, Javier “Shorty” Ponce is doing great with his own TV show called “Shorty’s Dream Shop.”

“Shorty’s Dream Shop” is popular among fans and has received the highest ratings among car restoration shows.

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