First Look: Tesla Cybertruck Hits the Middle East, Now in Dubai

The Tesla Cybertruck just arrived in the Middle East, and it’s causing a buzz in Dubai. People there are excited to see it up close for the first time.

Tesla is bringing its Cybertruck to different spots and events in the UAE as part of its Cyber Odyssey event. Starting this week until July 7th, people can check out the Cybertruck in various places across the UAE. Tesla says folks can come see this cool truck up close and learn all about its features and how it’s built. The Cybertruck’s first stop in the UAE is at Jubail Mangrove Park in Abu Dhabi from May 10th to 11th. Remember when Elon Musk unveiled the Cybertruck back in 2019? Yeah, it didn’t go as planned. He tried to show off its tough glass by smashing it, but it didn’t work out so well.

After five long years of waiting and dealing with delays, Tesla’s Europe and Middle East X account just shared some exciting news: the Cybertruck is hitting the road! According to their post today, it’s set to tour Europe and the Middle East for the next two months.

Rollout Plans

We’re not sure when the Cybertruck will hit the UAE market. It’s made at Tesla’s Giga factory in Austin, Texas, and folks in the U.S. started getting theirs in early December 2023. Tesla’s mostly focusing on selling in North America for now, since that’s where most pickup trucks sell. Right now, you can’t get the Cybertruck in Europe or the Middle East, and Tesla hasn’t said when they’ll start selling it there.


At every Cyber Odyssey destination, visitors can purchase exclusive Cybertruck merchandise directly. Additionally, an online store is accessible at Among the offerings is a diecast model priced at AED 800.

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